Tuition Savings for PA Residents

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January 2015
  • Do you have children or grandchildren in college, or planning on going to college?
  • Are you disgusted with the amount you are paying for tuition and fees?
  • Are you a resident of Pennsylvania?
  • Would you like to get an instantaneous discount of over 3% on your tuition without any risk?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions PA currently gives a tax deduction for contributions to 529 tuition plans. Here is where it is interesting. Even if you have a child in college with no 529 plan it is not too late. Set up a 529 plan, contribute the money and take it out the next day to pay the tuition.

No risk, just savings.

You should contact us to discuss this great gift while it lasts. We will be happy to help minimize taxes and maximize your savings. You should consult with us prior to setting this account up. There are many brokers who will take your money and invest you in vehicles that will be quite expensive to liquidate. Be sure to talk to us before you make any commitments to any investment advisor.