Do you owe money to the IRS?

Debt Relief

Do you owe money to the IRS?
Are you worried about ruining your credit?
Is the extra government money running out soon?
Are you receiving letters from the IRS regarding this debt?

There are many agencies out there willing to work with you.
Some will only work with a specific dollar amount of debt.
Some will only work with you if you let them have your credit report.
However, they will all charge you to help you clean up your debt.

Heier Weisbrot & Bernstein, LLC will work with any person, with any
amount of debt and with any credit report.
They have an exceptional record of helping their clients relieve themselves
of their overwhelming debt to the IRS. They can usually finish a job within
10 hours of work and have your IRS debt reduced and/or eliminated.

Don’t sign up with someone before you know all of the upfront costs.
Make certain you are aware of what is involved and how much you will pay.

Call Heier Weisbrot & Bernstein, LLC at 856-673-1929 and speak to
someone able to give you the information you need to make an informed