Consulting Services

The Heier Weisbrot & Bernstein team includes CPA consultants and CFO consultants. Our consulting services will provide solutions for your specific business needs.

Audit Independence Consultants

“Audit Independence” is the mandatory regulation for businesses to provide an audit firm with the necessary financial statements and disclosures. Our CPAs are experts in this preparatory work.

CFO Consultants

CFO consulting services and advisory services are available for business that are transitioning CFO positions or for smaller businesses that don’t need a full time CFO but require part-time or as needed CFO advise or services.

CPA Business Consulting

Tax accounting, Offer-in-Compromise and other accounting consulting services are available for businesses.

Employment Benefit Consulting

Employee consulting services include HR support and employee benefit plan audits. We are also available to help inform your employees about their benefit options and communicate with group meetings and company newsletter articles or website articles.

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