Divorce, Out of Work, Out of Country, Delinquent IRS Returns

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Case Study


This Tampa, Florida taxpayer got divorced lost most of his assets in the divorce settlement. He received a substantial severance check when he was laid off. He put what he thought was sufficient money to the side to pay his taxes. The balance went to get caught up on bills and pay off his divorce settlement.

Unable to find work locally, he went to work overseas for several years. He did not file tax returns while he was away and was receiving very threatening notices from the IRS for delinquent returns. When he came back, he had to address the delinquent tax returns which he failed to file.


We filed all of the tax returns for him and he wound up owing several hundred thousand dollars to the IRS. He was unable to find employment paying what he earned in the past and has no way of paying off his debt to the government.

We submitted an offer in compromise for him which is pending. However, preliminary conversations with the agent indicate a 300 per month payment plan for 3 years should be accepted as full and final settlement of the entire debt. Upon official acceptance, he will be able to resolve his debt in full and go on to retire without the fear of the IRS attaching his wages anymore.