IRS Debt Relief

Do you owe the IRS? Do you need IRS Debt Relief??

When you have delinquent taxes or tax payment problems an accountant with Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) experience can help you negotiate with the IRS. Our CPAs are Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) specialists and will find a solution for your tax payment problems.

OIC – When You Have Tax Payment Problems

You are not alone! Many people are suffering in this economy, and as a result have done things that have gotten them into trouble with the IRS. Tax problems might have become issues if you cashed in your IRA, took a loan from your IRA and cannot pay it back, did not keep up with your estimated tax payments, did not pay your payroll taxes, owe back taxes, or are delinquent in filing prior year returns.

So many people tell me, “I do not understand why I owe so much money on my IRA distribution because they withheld the tax?” The simple answer is they did not withhold enough to cover the income tax and the 10% penalty.

Before you know it, the IRS is sending you threatening letters and you do not know what to do. We can help you. The IRS has the Offer-In-Compromise (OIC) program, a program that can reduce or even eliminate all the back taxes you owe – depending upon your particular situation. When an OIC is not in your best interest, our firm specializes in working out payment plans with the IRS, State and Local Governments. With these payment plans, you can continue your life without the threat of IRS levies, liens and property seizures. Fill out the Offer-In-Compromise (OIC) Form with as much information as you have available. We can schedule a meeting, evaluate your situation and provide advise on the best OIC or payment program for you. Our initial consultation is free.

Offer-In-Compromise Services:

  • Free OIC Initial Consultation
  • Detailed Evaluation of each Case with Specific Recommendations
  • Preparation of all Necessary Forms to Put in the Offer-in-Compromise
  • Direct Representation before the IRS to Negotiate the Settlement
  • Detailed Experience in IRS Representation and Offer-in-Compromise

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